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If the Dems Really Believe Republicans are Going to 'Overreach' on the Obama Scandals, Why Don't They Just Let Them Do It?

David Axelrod is pushing — again — the meme that the GOP is all about to “overreach” on the collective Obama scandals.

There are clearly serious things that ought to be looked at, and the Congress has the right to look at them. And the question is just, will they overplay their hand? You know, if, Darrell Issa has torqued this thing up so high that he threatens to take the party over the cliff. And if I were Republicans, I would say to Issa, in the parlance of his old business, ‘please step away from that car.’ I think that there’s real danger here for them.

Yeah. With all due respect, Axelrod’s lying. It’s not even quality spin. It’s desperate.

Riddle me this: In the context of the IRS and media scandals, what exactly would “overreach” even look like? The GOP hitting the IRS too hard? Nobody likes the IRS. Hit the IRS with political nukes, bring out more of its victims to tell their stories, watch Lois Lerner take the Fifth, watch Obama fake-fire some people and promote others, and call him out on it all. It’s gold for anyone who hates the IRS and for the party that did not unleash the IRS on innocent citizens.

The GOP advocating media freedom too loudly? Just about everybody says they believe in a free press. Eric Holder clearly lied when he claimed to know nothing about any potential prosecution of anyone in the press, after he signed off on the James Rosen warrant. Obviously he did know, and just as obviously, he was dishonest about it under oath. He should resign, or be fired, after he twists for a while in the public glare and gets raked over the coals in Congress.

Enlighten us, Democrats, what’s the real danger for the Republicans here? That the likes of Dana Milbank will say bad things about them? He’s going to do that anyway. That Joe Scarborough will get the vapors again? He’s a wuss on a channel no one watches. Who gives a rip?

If Axelrod et al really believed that the scandals would result in real Republican overreach, they would just let it happen. Just sit back and watch the fun. Pop some popcorn. Because it would save his pal Barack and all their mutual friends from the quagmire they’re all in. And because he’s paid to help Democrats, not Republicans. Just follow the money that flows to Axelrod, and observe common sense.

If his enemy is destroying itself, why would Axelrod get ever think of getting in its way? Hm, Dave? Why? Where did that altruistic streak come from all of a sudden?

With all this “overreach” noise, David Axelrod is acting guilty, as if he has something to hide.

Maybe he does. He was there on the campaign and in the Obama White House when the abuse was going on. He sounds the proverbial guilty dog barking first.

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