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Aw: Joe Biden Cancels His Annual Summer Beach Party with Journalists

Politico’s Dylan Byers may be the least curious journalist around. Or least creative. Upon hearing that Vice President Joe Biden has canceled his summer journalist — or is it JournoList? — beach party, Byers can’t really come up with an explanation for it:

The Vice President’s office declined to comment on the record regarding the decision to forego a party this summer.

In March, The White House announced that it would temporarily suspend official White House tours “due to staffing reductions resulting from sequestration,” but it is unclear if the Vice President’s party was cancelled for similar reasons.

Unclear? Heh.

The media abuse, IRS abuse and Benghazi can’t be reasons? The veep not wanting to do anything high-profile while those scandals are swirling can’t be reasons? Has the White House muzzled Gaffetastic Joe as it finds itself on defense in a three-front war?

Maybe Eric Holder told Politico why Biden canceled his party at that off-the-record, closed-door meeting on press freedom last week, but darn it, they just can’t report or speculate on it now.