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South Carolina Democrat Accused of Using Campaign Funds to Buy Male Enhancement Pills and Sex Toys Resigns

Via Election Law Center, we have Democrat state Senator Robert Ford, of Charleston, SC. Ford enjoyed his illicit relationship with election law. For a while, anyway. Until he resigned from office ahead of an ethics probe into his wild, uninhibited campaign spending.

The most bizarre allegation of all? That Ford used his campaign debit card to purchase Cyvita – penis enlargement pills that have yet to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

He’s just ahead of the curve.

Ford allegedly bought items at a local adult store using campaign funds. He says that they were — not making this up — gag gifts.

During Thursday’s hearing, the committee heard claims that Ford spend some of the campaign money at two adult stores. Ford says the items were gag gifts for campaign staffers.

Sexually-themed gag gifts? Who does he think he is, Bill Clinton?