Democrat Congressman: The Keystone Pipeline is Bad Because...(Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown)...Rocks Sink

I don’t even… I mean, I really don’t. Democrat Raul Grijalva of Arizona thinks you’ll be persuaded to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline because rocks frickin’ sink in water.


That’s the sum and total of his argument. I’m not even kidding. He even suggests that you invite your neighbors over…to watch rocks…sink. In water.

I’m pretty sure my neighbors have seen rocks sink in water. We won’t be having a block party to make sure.

We all fret around here about the low-information voter. How about the low-information politician? You can’t even get a reasonable argument through to someone as proudly and unashamedly dumb as Grijalva.

It can’t be done.

The derp is just too deep to overcome.

The derp is our doom.

Exit question: Who wins in a debate between this guy and Rep. Hank “Guam might capsize!” Johnson?

h/t Ace


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