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Clinton Fundraiser Sentenced for Illegally Reimbursing Donations

Two Virginia businessman were sentenced today for illegally funneling contributions to Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid by reimbursing donations to her campaign with corporate money.

William P. Danielczyk, Jr. was sentenced to 28 months in prison and ordered to pay a $50,000 fine, according to the FBI. Eugene R. Biagi, 78, was sentenced to two months’ probation for aiding Danielczyk’s scheme.

Danielczyk was the chairman of Galen Capital Corporation and Biagi served as the corporation’s secretary. The chairman hosted a Senate fundraiser for Clinton in 2006 and another fundraiser for her presidential bid in 2007.

He covered the tracks of $186,600 in campaign donations by noting the reimbursement checks as “consulting fees” and even creating back-dated letters to the contributors giving that impression. At least one donor also received a $1,500 bonus to keep up the charade.

“The campaigns unwittingly reported them as lawful contributions from the individual ‘straw donors,'” the FBI said.

The FBI today made no mention of Clinton as the candidate the pair supported.

Danielczyk and Biagi tried arguing to the Supreme Court that part of their indictment violated the Citizens United ruling and that they were exercising free speech by making corporate campaign donations.

The Supreme Court rejected their appeal without comment in February.