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DNC Communications Director: News Organizations That Refuse Holder's Off-the-Record Meeting 'Forfeit Their Right to Gripe'

Brad Woodhouse is the Democratic National Committee’s Communications Director. He ought to be fired after this tweet, but President Obama sets the tone. So Woodhouse’s job is safe.


Woodhouse is reacting to the New York Times’ decision not to take part in AG Eric Holder’s media charm offensive. Holder is to meet with media executives and talk about turning the page on his own department’s sweeping and snooping on reporters at the Associated Press and Fox News. The meeting is supposed to be held off-the-record. That’s why the Times has determined that it would be inappropriate to attend it. Good for them.

Off-the-record, you say? To discuss the freedom of the press guaranteed in the First Amendment? Kind of an odd choice, dontcha think?

Protip from someone who was a state-level GOP comms director: You don’t publicly antagonize the press, especially after your administration abused them. It’s a highway to hell on harps, bro. Jake Tapper is already mocking Woodhouse on Twitter, just by retweeting him. There may be a question at the next press briefing asking Jay Carney to give the president’s reaction to the DNC’s comms man whining and slapping at the New York Times like a brat.

Someone, maybe the adjunct constitutional law prof whom Woodhouse ultimately works for, should remind the lad that the First Amendment is very much on the record preserving media’s right to “gripe.” Off-the-record meetings are no prerequisite.