Cincinnati Poll Worker is Third Voter Fraud Convict in Her County This Year

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But…voter fraud is a myth!

Long-time Hamilton County poll worker Melowese Richardson was convicted Monday of illegal voting and could go to prison for up to six years for it.

Richardson, 58, of Madisonville, pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting – including voting three times for a relative who has been in a coma since 2003 – in exchange for prosecutors dropping four other illegal voting charges. Common Pleas Court Judge Robert Ruehlman immediately convicted her, making her a felon.

A Hamilton County poll worker since 1998, Richardson admitted she voted illegally in the 2008, 2011 and 2012 elections.


She’s far from alone. Two others including a nun have already been convicted of voter fraud in Hamilton County, OH this year. Richardson is about as remorseful as Eric Holder, in that she regrets getting caught.

Richardson wasn’t offered diversion because she had eight counts of illegal voting pressed against her and because she brazenly asked what authorities were going to do to her for illegal voting.

Several other cases around the country are pending.

Three others indicted for illegal voting – Margaret I. Allen, 64, formerly of Loveland; Ernestine Strickland, 84, of Memphis, Tenn.; and Andre Wilson, 49, of Winton Hills – also have cases pending.

By the way, once the other Hamilton County fraudsters serve their sentences, they will be eligible to vote again.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration targeted True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht with several audits by multiple executive branch agencies, despite the fact that she had broken no laws, and evidently because of the fact that she is an activist for election security. True the Vote still has not been granted its tax-exempt status by the Obama IRS.



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