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Obama Compares Military Sexual Assaults, IRS Scandal at Academy Commencement

Speaking today at the commencement ceremony at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, President Barack Obama once again demonstrated his moral relativism while he portrayed the IRS and military sexual assault scandals as similar.

Obama said:

Every day, our civil servants do their jobs with professionalism — protecting our national security and delivering the services that so many Americans expect. But as we’ve seen again in recent days, it only takes the misconduct of a few to further erode the people’s trust in their government. That’s unacceptable to me, and I know it’s unacceptable to you ….

[W]e must acknowledge that even here, even in our military, we’ve seen how the misconduct of some can have effects that ripple far and wide. In our digital age, a single image from the battlefield of troops falling short of their standards can go viral and endanger our forces and undermine our efforts to achieve security and peace. Likewise, those who commit sexual assault are not only committing a crime, they threaten the trust and discipline that make our military strong.

The military and IRS scandals both happened under Obama’s watch, and that’s where the similarities end.

The military scandals genuinely appear to be individual actors engaged in wrongdoing. The IRS scandal has morphed over two weeks and now appears to go all the way back to the Obama campaign of 2008. It may involve his present and past White House counsels and others within his White House. His own headfakes hint that Obama himself knows far more than he’s letting on.

Additionally, the IRS scandal involves the deliberate targeting of Americans, men and women alike, because of their political or religious beliefs.

Supposing that Obama also intended an oblique reference to the AP and James Rosen phone sweeps, in those cases we had civil servants up to and including the attorney general targeting media for leaking information that, in both cases, did not jeopardize national security at the time of the leaks’ publication. The sweeps do not appear to have comported with the law. In the case of Fox, they may have been part of Obama’s overall war against Fox News. Obama’s government still has not fully explained its actions, and he has set AG Holder to investigate himself. Holder has lied under oath about the sweeps, in testimony before Congress.

While the military is in no way engaged in covering anything up, the circumstantial evidence building in the IRS and media scandals suggests that a cover-up occurred and is still ongoing.

Not for the first time, Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is a repugnant little man whose predilections are to blame everyone else for scandals while accepting no responsibility himself.

To hear him talk about these scandals, one could be forgiven for assuming that Barack Obama wasn’t even the president when they happened.