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New York Democrat to Female Staff: Touch My Tumors!

The tumors on New York Democrat Assemblyman Vito Lopez are on his neck. And armpit.

  • “One woman was made to feel the tumors on his neck, shoulder and armpit as Lopez, who has cancer, told her he was dying and “needed” her.” (Daily News)
  • “Mr. Lopez also demanded that several women write effusive and flirtatious text messages, in one case even writing a sample note for them to follow: ‘Vito, I wanted to be nice to you. Hope you like way I look,’ he wrote. He then sometimes used such letters to forestall complaints made against him.” (NY Times)
  • After pressuring an employee to go to a bar, “instead of talking about legislation, however, Lopez only spoke to Employee 3 about ‘completely personal matters,’ such as her relationship with her boyfriend and her father. At the end of the evening, Lopez gave Employee 3 $50 in cash and told her to purchase a low-cut blouse to wear…. [The next day] Employee 3 gave the money back to Lopez, telling him that she was “uncomfortable” with his offer. Lopez calmly took the money. Later that evening, they attended the Brooklyn Unidos Christmas party, and Emplooyee 3 said that Lopez threw the $50 in her face, while yelling she should never “disrespect him” again and that when he gives her something, she should take it.” (JCOPE report)
  • “During the car ride home, a staffer said that Mr. Lopez once again put his hand between her legs on her inner thigh. She squeezed her legs together in an effort to prevent him from touching her and was scratched by one of Mr. Lopez’s jagged fingernails.” (Politicker)

More at the link. If you’re interested. He also made them touch his pinkeye. Lopez has escaped criminal prosecution, and is running for NYC city council. Being a Democrat, his odds of waging a pervy war on women and gaining a battlefield promotion for it are pretty good.