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Students For Life: Revoke Irish PM's Invite To Boston College

Edna Kenny, Ireland’s Prime Minister (Taoiseach) since 2011, plans to address Boston College on May 20.  Boston College is a Catholic university, but Kenny is supporting a vote on Irish legislation that could open the way for abortion on demand for the island nation.  Granted, the Huffington Post reported on May 7 that:

Kenny defied leaders of the Catholic Church on Monday, stressing his commitment to a scheduled vote on abortion legislation. Catholic leaders in the Irish Republic had earlier threatened lawmakers who would vote in favor of the proposed bill with excommunication.

Irish legislators are set to vote on a bill proposed by the prime minister’s cabinet that would legalize abortion in case of a threat to the life of the pregnant woman. The Irish government insists the proposed bill will not change the Republic’s laws on abortion, but is meant to clarify the rules on terminating pregnancies. As the Associated Press explains, the Irish constitution bans abortion but Ireland’s Supreme Court ordered in 1992 that the procedure should be legal when the woman’s life is at risk.

To many, this legislation may seem rational.  I happen to know a few pro-lifers, who would agree that such an exception should be made.  Yet, Kenny promised not to legislate on abortion, and the “Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013” has been discovered that it has no limits on gestational age.  As a result, the Catholic Church has denounced the bill, and Students for Life are calling on BC’s executive staff to revoke the invitation.  In a press release, they stated:

Make no mistake about it: Prime Minister Enda Kenny supports allowing abortion, on-demand, in Ireland. But, before he makes abortion legal in Ireland for the first time, Kenny has been invited by Catholic leaders in America to speak at Boston College’s commencement ceremonies and receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

For any college to honor the man who would usher in the mass death of Irish preborn children is simply unconscionable!

We are calling on all pro-lifers to send a personal message on the new website to Boston College President, Rev. William Leahy, expressing outrage about Prime Minister Enda Kenny representing the school at graduation and demanding the invitation be rescinded.

Tell Rev. Leahy that Enda Kenny’s work should not be honored and certainly NOT AT BC!

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins explains why it is so important for people to speak out:

“I find it incomprehensible that Boston College, a Catholic university, will honor Prime Minister Kenny while knowing he is advocating for legal abortion in Ireland. Legalized abortion here in America has led to the deaths of over 55 million preborn baby girls and boys, the victimization of millions of women, and the crumbling of families. After our painful experience for the past 40 years, we know what legal abortion will do to Ireland.

“As Catholics, Christians, and pro-lifers of all faiths, the time is now to stand in solidarity with the innocent pre-born, oppose Prime Minister Kenny, and demand he stop promoting the grave moral evil of abortion in Ireland. Boston College must hold true to its Catholic mission and immediately revoke their invitation to Prime Minister Kenny to speak at their commencement ceremony. Now is the time to send the message that abortion will not be tolerated by the Boston College family, the Catholic Church, and millions of Americans nationwide.

Then again, President Obama gave an address at Notre Dame, and he’s probably the most pro-abortion president in our history.  Nonetheless, Kenny isn’t an American politician.  That’s to say, Kenny’s not the President of the United States, which isn’t to excuse Notre Dame’s decision to have Obama speak, but I can understand the optics of asking the first black president not to come.

In all, there are certainly other high-profile individuals Boston College can choose for commencement.