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GALLUP: 58% Think Most Abortions Should Be Illegal, Including 57% of Women

We’ve known that Americans feeling that abortion should be illegal in most circumstances have been rising since the 2012 election.  As with any emotionally charged issue, it can change with the political winds.  Additionally, public opinion easily changes with the political tide.  With the pervasive “war on women” barrage throughout 2012, the serial rape and pregnancy gaffes Republicans made surely hurt the pro-life movement at the time.  Yet, a new Gallup poll shows that 58% of Americas are opposed to abortion in most circumstances, which includes 57% of women.

Steven Ertelt at Life News reported today that:

Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll, conducted May 2-7, find 58 percent of Americans want either all or almost all abortions illegal — with 20% saying it should be illegal in all circumstances and 38% favoring it in only in a few circumstances.

Just 39 percent of Americans support all or most abortions remaining legal, with only 26% of Americans favoring legalized abortion under any circumstances (the position of Planned Parenthood and President Barack Obama) and 13% favoring legality under most circumstances.

The poll also showed varying groups of Americans also strongly oppose abortions and want it illegal in all or most circumstances. Some 59 percent of men and 57 percent of women want all or most abortions illegal as do 57 percent of young Americans under the age of 34.  Republicans want all or most abortions illegal on a 78-21 percentage point margin while 59 percent of independents and even 43 percent of Democrats oppose all or most abortions.

The Democratic figure is promising, but given how pro-life Democrats – what’s left of them – operate in Congress, they’re squishy on the issue of defending life.  Regardless, while we’re edging closer to becoming a pro-life nation, but more work needs to be done.