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ObamaCare Support Nosedives Even Though Nearly Half of Americans Don't Know that It's Still the Law

America, you’re just not making much sense these days. Forty-two percent of you aren’t even aware that President Obama’s signature healthcare law is still the law of the land, according to a Kaiser poll. But the same poll found that support for the law has dipped to just 35%, and a whopping 24% have no opinion of the law at all. Overall, 40% oppose it.

So the numbers on the president’s signature law are not good. They never were. A majority objected to the law when the Democrats passed it. ObamaCare has been credited with making health care insurance premiums rise, with strangling hiring and with American workers seeing their work hours cut. Democrat Sen. Max Baucus, the Senate’s ObamaCare sponsor when it was passed, has dubbed the law’s implementation a “train wreck.” So far, ObamaCare has missed nearly half its implementation deadlines.

Yet, according to a Quinnipiac poll, if the 2014 mid-terms were held today, Democrats would narrowly win. The same poll found that Democrats narrowly lead Republicans — on health care.