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New Photo Caption Contest: Our 'Laid-Back' President 'Leans-Back' in Vanity Fair Magazine

Obama talks with chief of staff Denis McDonough and Miguel Rodriguez, director of legislative affairs, in the Oval Office on February 5, 2013. His jacket hangs on a chair, and his legs rest on the Resolute Desk, which was gifted to President Rutherford B. Hayes by Queen Victoria in 1880.



Vanity Fair is out with their May issue featuring a photographic essay entitled, The Lean-Back President, proving (for those who had any doubt) that President Obama is, in fact, a “laid-back president.” (So glad we finally have conclusive evidence of this revelation, considering all his vacations, golf outings, and glamorous parties at tax-payer expense.)

But apparently Vanity Fair felt the need to answer “critics” who think that President Obama is “too buttoned-up.” Seriously, I am not making this up, for the piece states:

Barack Obama receives ample flak from critics who say that he is too buttoned-up and reserved to thrive in an office that historically has required its fair share of cajoling, socializing, and even arm-twisting. But a thorough examination of the photo archives of White House photographer Pete Souza reveals quite the opposite: Obama can, in fact, be remarkably laid-back. His body language in the Oval Office, the Situation Room, and other top Cabinet-level meetings indicates a man who is ready to let it all hang loose. He’s often in shirtsleeves, with his feet up, and frequently will be the only member of a meeting with a knee on the table. Below, a photographic investigation of the “lean-back” president.


Our contest photo was captioned above by Vanity Fair and now, here is a second contest photo with its Vanity Fair caption.

Obama stretches in the afternoon sun in the Rose Garden on May 20, 2009.

I am sure that PJM readers can write more colorful captions than Vanity Fair, so go ahead and “make my day.”

Of course we have rules that must be obeyed and they are, “be nice and stay classy because the media is watching.” (After all, PJM  is a “family” web site.) And, if you need further assistance, read how our last contest winners managed to restrain themselves.

Because of the unusual nature of this contest featuring two photos, please note, photo one or photo two when submitting your entry.

Have fun, but parents please teach your children to keep their feet off the priceless antiques when visiting the White House.

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