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Photo Caption Contest Winner: What Is Bush Thinking While Obama Is Speaking at His Library Opening?

Thanks to all who entered our latest Photo Caption Contest. As usual, our brilliant and creative readers submitted some real winners forcing our judging panel to work overtime selecting the best of the best.  But now that the judges have been paid off, here are the results.

Honorable Mentions

Two from rbj:

Man, if only I could reprogram his teleprompter.

Finally, a speech where he doesn’t blame me.

Two from cfbleachers, our “Caption King of Kings:”

“You know, honey, your approval ratings are exactly the same currently.”

“George, what do you think he would put in his library?” “Well, Laura, if I had to guess…he better get started writing his next 50,000 autobiographies”

Submitted by jib:

I nicknamed the wrong guy Turd Blossom.  

(Editor’s Note: President Bush’s nickname for Karl Rove was Turd Blossom.)

Submitted by “Caption King” Chris Henderson:

“So I put his biography in the Fiction Section.”

Submitted by zipcode:

I only had fifty states to worry about.

Editor’s Note: The caption above refers to a 2008 campaign speech where Obama said he had visited all “57 states with one left to go.” This clip is one of my favorites, so here it is again:

And the Grand Prize of priceless PR goes to smoothsailing with a hilarious caption perfectly depicting the “conversation” and facial expressions of both George and Laura.

Bush : “Laura, why is he looking down and reading?”

Laura: “Because I spray painted his teleprompter, Dear.”

Congratulations to smoothsailing!  After a few more winners you too could achieve “Caption King” status.

Thanks again for playing along and we will see you all next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!

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