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UK Press: Liberals 'Shielded' 'Baby-Killer' Gosnell

Someone here please hire this guy.

One of the most disgusting serial killers in American history is standing trial in Philadelphia at the moment – and, since it’s happening in the US, where reporting restrictions are light, the media are free to discuss his case.

Only they haven’t – at least, not until recently, and even when the crimes are reported, they haven’t merited many headlines. Which is horrifying, when you consider what the killer is accused of. I’m going to leave out the nastiest details – but, seriously, if you don’t want to feel sick to your stomach, look away now.

The article rehashes much of what conservative bloggers have been saying for weeks but it’s worth reading if only for the refreshing experience of seeing a journalist do his job. The insidious relationship the MSM has with progressive ideology (and this president in particular) becomes dangerous when threats to the innocent (Gosnell) or the public at large (Islamic terrorism) are ignored because they don’t fit the agenda. Of course, the mere fact that the modern press has a clear agenda means they’re not really journalists anymore, they’re professional propagandists awaiting orders like a zillion-headed Joseph Goebbels.