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There is Hope for the Next Generation

You’ve probably heard about the West Virginia 8th grader who wore his NRA T-shirt to school, and got kicked out for it. That happened last week. He was suspended, and also arrested, for wearing a shirt that doesn’t promote violence or vice. It didn’t violate the school dress code. It just expressed a mainstream point of view that some school officials didn’t like. So he was pulled out of line at the cafeteria and arrested, when he refused to take the shirt off or turn it inside out.


On Monday, he returned to school — and he had a lot of backup.

A West Virginia teen who was arrested and suspended for wearing a National Rifle Association T-shirt to school returned to class Monday wearing the same shirt that got him into trouble.

Jared Marcum, 14, was joined by about 100 other students across Logan County who wore shirts with a similar gun rights theme in a show of support for free speech.

The NRA bought and distributed the shirts, but the kids chose to wear them. Jared chose not to back down. Good for him and good for them. One person who understands their rights can be very powerful.