Foreign Press Providing The Gosnell Coverage We Can't Get Here

Here’s the headline:

Obama will address a Planned Parenthood gala. This is the group that knew about the Gosnell abortion horror and didn’t go to the police


According to his schedule, President Obama will take time out this week to address a gala thrown by Planned Parenthood – the abortion industry’s favourite lobby.
It’s an extraordinary move, not just because the issue is so controversial but because Planned Parenthood has recently disgraced itself over the Gosnell trial. To recap, Kermit Gosnell is the “doctor” is accused of killing hundreds of babies during late-term abortions by removing them screaming from the womb and then severing their heads from their bodies with a pair of scissors. He also operated a filthy clinic covered in cat feces and used untrained employees to carry out medical procedures. A question that has repeatedly been asked is “Who knew about this?” and “What did they do about it?” Last week, Planned Parenthood answered with “We did” and “As little as possible.”

Interesting, once one exits the progressive American media bubble, this is seen as “controversial”. Sadly, for this president and his supporters it is nothing more than business as usual. In fact, the press and abortion lobbyists go out of their way to portray Planned Parenthood as having nothing to do with abortion whatsoever.

One can only wonder if any of the charges against this modern day Dr. Mengele would have been dropped had there been any semblance of real coverage from the MSM.


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