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Rubio Press Secretary Compares Illegal Immigration to Slavery

Photo: McDelivery Japan

Alex Conant should be looking for a new job. He’s terrible at the one he currently holds, which is serving as Sen. Marco Rubio’s press secretary.

Marco Rubio’s press secretary, Alex Conant, might wish to cease his demagoguery when he’s behind. After replying to a skeptic of “comprehensive immigration reform” with ahistorical nonsense like, “We haven’t had a cohort of people living permanently in US without full rights of citizenship since slavery,” he compounds his problems with his “clarification:” “The point I was trying to make (in 140 characters) is that allowing immigrants to apply for permanent residence, but not eventually be able to apply for the full benefits of citizenship, has been tried and failed, and has had disastrous social consequences in Europe today.”

Legal immigrants can and do apply for citizenship every day. The issue at hand is illegal aliens, people who have not experienced anything like slavery. Slavery is being owned by another person as chattel. Illegal immigration is willful breaking of the law and violating US sovereignty.