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'There Are No Questions Here. This is a Press Conference!'

The “Gang of Eight” presser that rolled out the immigration reform bill was Washington theater at its finest.

Until a little reality intruded on the proceedings.


ICE union head Chris Crane was present and tried to ask a question of the Senators. But the Gang ignored him and he was eventually escorted to the wings in order to allow the play to continue.

Recall in the film Dr. Strangelove President Merkin becoming angry when an argument broke out between the Russian ambassador and one of his advisors.

“There’s no fighting here,” shouted Merkin. “This is the War Room!”

Might Senator Schumer have said to Crane, “There are no questions here. This is a press conference!”

Daily Caller:

Chris Crane, head of the immigration officers union, was pulled out of a Senate press conference today when he tried to question Sen. Chuck Schumer during the televised roll-out of the 844-page immigration rewrite.

While reporters asked questions, Schumer ignored three requests from Crane, who sought to question him about aspects of the far-reaching law, which promises to tighten enforcement of immigration laws at borders, airports and seaports.

“Will you take a question from law enforcement?” Crane asked, repeating the question twice before being removed.

Schumer ignored the question, and repeated his advocacy for the bill. Crane’s union represents agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service.

Schumer and the other Senators have struggled to control the debate about the bill, which was released this week after months of closed-door drafting. Supporters are now trying to win Senate approval of the far-reaching bill by June.

Critics say the bill has many loopholes and flaws that will allow political appointees to minimize enforcement of immigration law.

Crane, who heads the president of the National ICE Council, has been a vocal critic of the bill.


One would think that the man who heads the union responsible for enforcing our immigration laws might want to ask a question or two of the Senators so that maybe he and his members could better perform their jobs.

One would think.

But in the bizarro world of Capitol Hill where you can’t ask questions at press conferences, situation normal – all screwed up.

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