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Kevin Drum: ObamaCare "Basically On Track"

So, ObamaCare is unloved by the public, it’s small-business protections can’t be implemented on time, has its pilot program already running out of money, has the Fed squealing that it’s costing jobs, screws the young, hurts the poor, is reducing fulltime workers to parttime drudgery, is forcing premiums to go up-up-up, is adding more than $6 trillion-with-a-T to longterm deficits, will force seven million workers off private insurance, is eliminating coverage for spouses and dependents, and has at least one union screaming for relief, all to the point where even Democrats are calling for at least a partial repeal…

…and this has Kevin Drum saying, “I’ll bet that by this time next year it will be up and running and basically doing its job.”

Actually, the problem might be that ObamaCare is doing its job.