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Would Banning Big Magazines and 'Assault' Weapons Cut Down on Gun Violence? Most Cops Say No.

President Obama has a habit of using police officers as props while he promotes his gun control policies.

He did it in February in Minneapolis, MN.

He did it this month in Denver, CO.

But what do police officers really think about the president’s gun control proposals?

One of the president’s proposals is banning so-called high capacity magazines. By high capacity, Obama and his allies typically mean any magazine (which they frequently incorrectly call “clips”) that holds more than 10 rounds. New York State took a more extreme position, banning magazines that hold more than 7 rounds.

According to a survey of 15,000 US police officers, rank and file cops overwhelmingly believe that banning such magazines will not reduce violent crime.

The survey was conducted by PoliceOne. It provides no cover for the Obama White House to continue using police officers to push for its gun policies.

In fact, a heavy majority in the survey believe that Obama’s proposals will not even make police officers themselves any safer.

Forty-four percent say that if more restrictive gun laws are passed, they would join other officers and the public and either not enforce those laws or even vocally oppose them.

In what may be the most unsettling result for gun control advocates, a larger number of police officers believe that making concealed carry laws more permissive will have a more positive effect on preventing large scale mass shootings than any other available choice, including more laws banning “assault” weapons. Banning “assault” weapons was the least popular choice.

More than 90 percent of the officers surveyed said they believed there would be fewer casualties at mass shootings if an armed citizen had been present.

Question 29 will bring even more unwelcome news for gun control advocates, as well as those who blame violent video games for mass killings.

What’s the legislative solution to that, Democrats?

Read the whole survey here, and note well its conclusions.