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Breaking: 14 Injured, One Arrested in Multiple Stabbing at Houston College (UPDATE: 'I don't think he's...all there.') UPDATE: Photo of Suspect Released

Fox reports:

Sheriff’s official says a suspect has been arrested after a stabbing attack at a Houston-area community college campus left 14 people injured, including 12 that required hospitalization. At least a few victims are listed in critical condition.

Lone Star community college’s campus in Cypress posted an alert on its website just before 12 p.m. warning students of two armed suspects and saying one person remains at large. The alert warned people to seek shelter in a secure location.

Alan Bernstein of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office says authorities have one suspect in custody.

A different Lone Star system campus was the site of a January shooting. Two people were wounded, and a 22-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault.

The assailant was reportedly using an X-acto type knife, and ran down the halls and from building to building, stabbing and slashing as he went. One eye witness interviewed on FNC noted that because the law bans concealed firearm carry on college campuses, the students were defenseless. A student eventually tackled the suspect.

Update: Moments ago on Fox a student said that the alleged attacker has long curly hair and is known around campus for carrying a stuffed monkey around. The student said he was well known around campus. “I don’t think he’s…all there,” she said, implying that he was known for strange behavior.

Will we find out that this attacker was diagnosed with behavioral problems and put on Ritalin or another behavior-altering drug as a child?

Update: A student who witnessed the attack told Fox:

“God protected us in our classroom. We wish we could have protected ourselves with guns and stuff. We wish that the law would let us carry guns because we’re legal adults, and carry guns on campus to protect ourselves. But so far what we have to rely on is God. We’d love to have God and the law on our side,” he said.

The Texas legislature has had a bill that would allow concealed carry on campuses, but it has stalled in the state Senate due to Democratic opposition.

Update: USA Today posted this photo of the suspect. He matches the description above, which lends credence to the witness’ account that he was known for strange behavior prior to today.