Obama Underling Promotes Him to 'Scientist-in-Chief'

NIH Director Francis Collins has found an appropriate follow-up to the debt-ridden, credit downgraded Obama White House’s push for “budget and credit management”month.


At a speech this morning at the White House to outline a new science initiative, President Barack Obama named himself “Scientist-in-Chief.”

“I’m glad I’ve been promoted Scientist-in-Chief,” Obama said to laughter at the White House. “Given my grades in physics, I’m not sure it’s deserving.  But I hold science in proper esteem, so maybe that gives me a little credit.”

That line about holding science in “proper esteem” deserves a few Pinocchios. Obama bitterly clings to the global warming faith long after it has been revealed as superstitious hokum. Obama has also gutted America’s ability to even get to space without help from Putin.


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