Rahm Emanuel Closing Black Schools

From CBS:

The Chicago Public Schools’ plan to close 53 schools and 61 buildings, mostly in black neighborhoods, has some West Side residents vowing to fight the Emanuel administration until the end.


Claimed one protestor: “I don’t see any Caucasians being moved, bussed, or murdered in the streets as they travel along gang lines, or stand on the steps of a CPS school.”

A student protestor said: “We will have more gangs, more murders, more killers, and everything.”

Bingo! From the mouths of babes…

I’ve been correlating violent crime with state ratings by the Brady Campaign since 2001, the first year they began publishing report cards. Brady gives their “best” scores to states with the most gun-control laws. Right-to-carry (RTC) states—with liberal laws empowering citizens to carry concealed handguns in public—perennially get lower scores, because Brady considers RTC laws unsafe. For example, in 2011, RTC states averaged a Brady score of 8.2 on a scale of 100; non-RTC states averaged 55.5.

But the following two graphs show that Brady’s “best” states are the most dangerous. In 2011, RTC states averaged a violent crime rate of 343.3, compared to non-RTC states’ 476.6. RTC states’ average murder rate was 4.3; non-RTC states averaged 5.3.

Getting back to today’s story, Rahm Emanuel is real big on gun control. As Chicago mayor, Emanuel’s been promoting stronger national gun-control laws. He’s even urged banks to stop doing business with gun manufacturers. Emanuel’s top cop, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, accused Second Amendment supporters of being “guilty of corruption and of endangering public safety” for their political activism. McCarthy also believes our allegedly lax federal gun laws are racist. This is a curious allegation, considering the historical truth rebuts McCarthy.

Gun control and keeping blacks from getting an education? These two agendas are closely intertwined. Before and after the Civil War, Democrats fought hard to keep blacks on the plantation, enacting Black Codes to ban free blacks from owning firearms, and limiting many other freedoms. The goal was to keep blacks as close to slavery as possible.


Today, gun control remains racist. Correlating Brady scores with homicide rates by race shows that Brady’s “best” states consistently have higher black homicide rates and lower white homicide rates.* If states wrote Black Codes restricting right-to-carry, this would translate into a clear and intentional racist agenda. (The following two graphs show homicide rates for Americans of African and Caucasian descent.)

Since 2001, carry-restricted states have averaged 24% higher black homicide rates.

Slave owners operated under the doctrine of paternalism. Whites were purportedly motivate by “humanitarian ideals” to assume “responsible dominion” over “less fortunate, less evolved people.”

Today, gun controllers evince the same moral superiority—claiming the same humanitarian ideals—to justify their wanting to ensure that those less evolved don’t have access to dangerous guns. Where they’re most successful, whites are safer and blacks die more frequently.

So it should come as no surprise that the most virulent gun banners would also want to restrict black education. Y’all don’t have to think, just do as you’re told. But don’t worry, there’s a warm pallet waiting for y’all on the plantation.


* Excel workbook containing homicide data from Centers for Disease Control, violent crime data from FBI, and Brady Campaign score cards. More of that research appears here and here.


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