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Ann Coulter at CPAC: 'Stop panicking Republicans, Obama is the worst incumbent president'

Ann Coulter gave a feisty speech CPAC on Saturday afternoon.  She blasted the media for disseminating false dog whistles about race saying,”calling someone ‘lazy’ is racist for liberals. Including the words ‘Chicago’, ‘Obama went golfing” etc., which served their purpose in protecting the president from his failed agenda with the electorate.  She also railed against the so-called “War on Women,” saying that Democrats have already won that war – and that Ted Kennedy has the “only confirmed kill” in this non-conflict. She also took a jab at moderate Republican Chris Christie, and said that “Sandra Fluke’s haircut is birth control enough.”

While she slammed Obama, Coulter also criticized Republicans for their inability to take back the Senate.  She said the reasons for their defeat were grounded in narcissism and stupidity, and noted how Democrats are better at not sabotaging winnable elections.

After the disastrous 2012 election, Coulter warned of conservatives going after the “fake” Republican establishment, while ignoring the “real” one that is plotting to undermine our interests.  She said how the real establishment is “panicked” and “demoralized,” and willing to accept amnesty for illegals in the negotiations surrounding this new immigration deal in order to remain politically relevant.  Coulter noted the majority of  illegal immigrants go on welfare, and “if amnesty goes through, the country will turn into a California and Republicans will never win again.”

It’s true that it’s uncertain if GOP acceptance of amnesty will bring more Hispanics into the Republican tent.  Furthermore, since amnesty is a liberal policy initiative, they’ll probably get the credit.  As Obama’s approval rating tumbles, Coulter thinks Republicans should ” stop panicking…[because] Obama is the worst incumbent president.”

As this immigration legislation moves forward, they should keep those words in mind.