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Cyber Jihadists Protest 'Innocence of Muslims' Film by Staging Attack on Chase Bank Web Site

So much for their alleged innocence.

Chase confirmed that the outage was due to a denial-of-service attack, in which attackers bombard websites with an overwhelming amount of traffic, overloading their servers and causing sluggish performance or a complete loss of service.

The hacking group taking responsibility, which calls itself al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, announced its intentions to hack a number of banks in this manner several months ago, and has targeted Bank of America, Citibank, Capitol One, and others. The group cites what it sees as U.S. refusal to remove a YouTube video grossly offensive to those who practice Islam.

The video in question is “Innocence of Muslims,” a film trailer depicting the prophet Muhammad as, among other things, a murderer and pedophile. Muslim states such as Egypt and Yemen have called for the video to be removed, but Google-owned YouTube has said the video is well within its guidelines. Although Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, described the video as “disgusting and reprehensible,” she supported the decision, as representative of the U.S.’s commitment to its citizens’ right to free expression.


Clinton also told the father of one of the Benghazi victims that the US government would go after the film maker, and they did, and he sits in jail to this day.

Question: Didn’t the Obama government basically validate the cyber jihadists’ complaint by drawing attention to and trying to blame a terrorist attack on that movie, which the president’s team called “reprehensible?”

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