Photo Caption Contest Winner: Is This A Joke Or A Real Republican Nightmare?

As it turned out, our latest Photo Caption Contest may not be a joke after all, but a real Republican nightmare!

Seriously, this happened to me yesterday.

While in my car listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show, I almost lost control when he started talking about the possibility of a Hillary Clinton/Michelle Obama Democrat dream ticket for 2016. Rush was referencing this piece in the Washington Examiner with the headline, 2016 Hillary-Michelle “Dream Ticket” Floated.


Rush then asked a caller what he thought of the idea and the caller responded, “Is this a joke?”

Needless to say, this caption contest has now taken on much greater meaning.

Therefore, I chose the winners very carefully especially avoiding any captions referring to heft because big dreams often do come true in the make believe fairyland of Washington D.C. where Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s presses are printing $85 billion a month in funny money —  fueling the myth of an economic recovery.

However, before the grand prize winning caption is announced I must preface it with the following disclaimer:

I do not know this writer. I have never had relations with this writer.  But what I do know is this writer holds the title of Royal King of the Caption Contests because the captions submitted by cfbleachers are always extraordinary!

So once again here is the winning caption from our reigning Caption King cfbleachers:

The all woman ticket, electoral men-o-pause.

There were many more Honorable Mentions such as these from another Caption King, Chris Henderson:

That’s the first time I’ve seen dual hot air bags on the back of a car.

Oh great!  Now I get to be called racist AND sexist for my Rand Paul 2016 bumper sticker!

If you listen you can actually hear Chris Matthews’ leg tingle.

This bumper sticker can destroy a car faster than Ted Kennedy. 


RockThisTown (a Caption King who is forever chasing cfbleachers) submitted three great ones:

The butt stops here.  (Yes, this could be construed as a heft joke but it was chosen for its historical reference.)

We’ll bake your cookies, then take ’em away!  (See Hillary Watch 2016  if you don’t understand this caption.)

I did not have sexual relations & I did not have taxual vacations.

Hipdeep submitted: Top mamas cookin’ up somethin’ GOOD for you!

Chris in N.VA submitted: Brooms double-parked

I could go on, but the Politically Incorrect Police might shut down this contest, so just read the rest of them here.

Thanks to all who make these contests so popular and fun to read.

See you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest and please try not to rear-end any double-wide loads taking left turns while displaying this “joke” bumper sticker.





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