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Did Boehner Have His Gutlessness Sequestered On March 1st?

We can only hope.

House Speaker John Boehner, the top elected Republican in the United States, agreed that wide differences remain, even after Obama’s strong re-election victory last November.

Boehner did not restrain his criticism following Wednesday’s meeting, telling reporters: “Republicans want to balance the budget. The president doesn’t. Republicans want to solve our long-term debt problem. The president doesn’t. We want to unlock our energy resources to put more Americans back to work. The president doesn’t.”

Gotta love the thoroughly brain-dead implication that because Obama won the presidency, the members of the House should capitulate. All of those Republicans winning House races to maintain control must not have counted has being part of a real election.

I remain as surprised as anyone that Boehner didn’t blink in the face of Sequester Scare Theater. It just takes one time and, having gotten through his first exhibition of evidence of a spine without having the world crumble around him, Boehner seems emboldened. This may (MAY) be why the president is suddenly fond of having dinner with everyone rather than hitting the trail to tell horror stories around the ideological campfire.

It’s far too early to tell if the Spinate Boehner is a real thing or if the next “crisis” will catch him on a bad tanning day but at this point all many of us can afford is some weak hope for the best.

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