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We're Getting Close to the Point At Which Our Bullying Government Will No Longer Be Legitimate

A few vignettes from Barack Obama’s America.

A gun toting federal officer carrying a badge ordered a law-abiding man to tell a lie on official government forms. When he refused, the officer gleefully seized the man’s private property. Just like that.

The US Department of Justice testified in federal court that it can force Americans to violate their faith if it wants to. And it wants to, where the ObamaCare abortifacient mandate is concerned.

It’s not just the federal government that is busting its leash. Local governments are getting out of control too.

We all know about Bloomberg’s soda ban for New York City. He wants to take it statewide now. All for New Yorkers’ own good, of course.

But how competent is government to assess what’s good for us? A Massachusetts boy received a letter from his school, informing him and his parents that he is obese. Whether he is or not, is no business of the school to determine. Those letters have upset an awful lot of people. In this case, they got it wrong. The 10-year-old boy is an athlete who plays football and will wrestle for a state championship. The bureaucrats who sent him the letter are busybody fools. And dangerous, if they’re not stopped.

Many of our elected masters pretend that government agents should be the only people in our society who possess firearms. But in Los Angeles, police officers entrusted with firearms for the protection of the public good sold guns illegally and then threatened the person who exposed the crime.

The LAPD officers may have taken their cues from the gun running Obama administration’s Fast and Furious program.

In Florida, a man released helium balloons to celebrate his love for his girlfriend, and now faces felony charges.

While all of this is going on, President Obama is selling access to himself for cash, and threatening to gut our national defense for the sake of a very mild cut in the rate of growth of government spending that he proposed but now calls “dumb.”

Governments behaving in this way deserve exactly one response.