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Photo Caption Contest Winners: Watch Out America!

Our latest and very successful Photo Caption Contest was also the most ill- timed as the early captions disappeared into the nether. But all you determined hardy souls rallied and resubmitted your captions without missing a beat. Many thanks for registering under the new PJM comment system and moving ahead to make this contest truly remarkable, not just for content but for character.

There were so many pages of winning captions that choosing one or two was impossible. Then to make matters worse, “The Husband” refused to judge the contest that he instigated and “Dr. Spin” our in-house celebrity judge was mountain climbing in Africa (really) so I was left to judge all alone. Oh well, time to reveal the winners!

First the newcomers, we welcome you and thanks for joining our elite “caption club.”

Bill Reader submitted these two:

The fake diamonds only cost a few dollars, but the man in the middle costs you trillions.

Sized for adults, yet always sold to children.

Donald Eugene submitted several good ones:

With this watch and a quarter you couldn’t buy the time of day.

Finally, a watch that won’t get stolen!

Some people look at their watch for the time, I look at mine for inspiration.

CrankyYankee had these two winners.

The Doomsday Clock goes mobile.  

Obama watch with no number, ‘cuz math is hard!

William L Gensert submitted a cleaver winner:

Obama’s plan for dealing with high unemployment is to make people want to punch a clock.

HiPlanesDrifter had this amusing entry:

Introducing the Obama watch, Cher model: it ‘Turns Back Time’ so you forget all the misery he’s caused!

Now here are the loyal, royal “Caption King” winners:

From Chris Henderson:

Who needs a watch? The time is always the “Present!”, “Present!”, “Present!”, “Present!”, “Present!”…(123 more times)…”Present!”

Watch band is as flexible as Obama after an election. 

Looks like the President has a new gift to give to dignitaries and Heads of State!

From RockThisTown:

Broken and never right. . . not even twice a day.

Comes with two adjustors: one for regaining lost time spent watching his speeches and the other for moving ahead to a better economy.

Model shown has optional halo.

Comes with hands that spread the wealth . . . all around the dial.

“No animals were harmed in the making of this watch . . . except the dog I ate.”

Takes no licking and keeps on tricking.

The perfect gift for keeping track of how long you can survive until a new President.

Bitter, clinging bling.

The ‘Fairness Watch’ – takes time from those who have a lot & gives it to those who don’t.

From Scottch: (our reigning Caption King winner from the last contest)

Cheap, tacky, doesn’t work, unreliable, knock off, fake, all show but no go….but enough about Obama, let’s talk about this butt ugly watch.

“I’m watching you….from the drone.”

Finally, cfbleachers, the King of all Captions is back on top with a dazzling display of abundant brilliance (and this is only a partial list.)

Only a committed leftist would believe that he could improve a watch by adding another hand… his.

“The diamonds are fake, the leather is fake, and the subject matter makes the trifecta for this watch…The Fauxlex.”

I listened to this watch, very interesting sound. Tic tax, tic tax, tic tax.

A radical leftist watch, it tries to find ways to spend someone else’s time.

The Obama Economy Diving Watch. It’s always under water and it can be taken to depths heretofore unseen.

If it has Obama with his hand reaching out and open, it must be our pocket watch.

Proof positive that time is definitely NOT on our side.

It’s an Obama watch…it’s always running but never works.

Obama has insisted that this is a piece of elry. Removing “Jew” from everything in his life.

A new signature watch from the Obama line. It’s solar powered and under water. We call it the Solyndra.

A perfect watch to remind us that “free time” always comes at a price for having done nothing when we should have been paying attention.

Man and God measure time differently. I am thankful that God’s time doesn’t run out and that some men’s do.

TIME has now run out on this contest. So WATCH for when another photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest and we promise no more vaporizing of early submissions!