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¡Si Se Puede! Oh Wait...NBC Now Behind Univision In Ratings

So far left, it’s disappearing.

More bad news for NBC: The one-time No. 1 network has fallen to fifth place in the Nielsen TV ratings during the important February sweeps period, according to

Sweeps occurs three times for four-week periods each year, when networks inundate TV audiences with hairpin plot turns, tear-inducing weddings, jaw-dropping deaths and more major moments all in the hopes of giving their ratings a vital boost during the critical periods when Nielsen surveys the country’s TV viewing habits.

There is no mainstream entertainment/news network that wears its far left ideology on its sleeve like NBC. The worse that gets, the more the ratings plunge…just sayin’.

NBC’s new owners might want to rethink the company-wide ban on gun ads. They’re going to need any advertisers they can scrounge up.