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Let Sequestration Happen

The Pentagon has started notifying about 800,000 DoD workers that if the sequestration happens, they will be furloughed. That means an unpaid day off a week for the rest of the year, or however long the sequestration goes on. The notifications should have gone out before the election, but Obama illegally delayed them. The cuts will hurt DoD, unless Panetta was just blowing smoke when he decried the cuts as disastrous.

TSA is trying to scare people about long lines at airports. Two hour lines, they warn, will happen. Here’s a better idea: Abolish the whole stupid agency. TSA — Thousands Standing Around, Thugs Showing Authority, whatever — should never have been established in the first place. Do away with it. If nothing else, we won’t have kids and grandmas getting groped at the airport anymore. No one will miss the molesters.

The fact is, government overspends billions, going on a trillion, per year, every year of Obama’s tenure. Sequestration impacts just $85 billion. It was Obama’s White House’s idea, which is one reason that it slams defense hardest. He wants our defenses gutted, always has. Congressional Republicans were fools to sign onto it. But they did, and all the president wants to do is fight with them. He doesn’t want a deal, he wants a fight. It’s all he knows how to do. He’s a walking wedge issue. That’s reality.

So fine. Let it happen. Let the cuts begin. We have to start getting the budget in order somewhere, somehow. The current configuration of cuts aren’t the ground the Republicans wanted to fight on, but it’s the ground they’re standing on. So fight it out already.

It’s not like they have much to lose. Obama is using the Senate to keep them pinned in, and is threatening to use executive orders to implement whatever he cannot get Congress to pass. Their ability to check him is close to dead.

So don’t make any deals. Start working on a plan to present the evidence that sequestration was Obama’s idea. Pin it all on him. Every time he trots out another sob story, as is his specialty, pin that story back on him.

I’m under no illusions here. The media will not report the facts. Obama will not be held accountable in any normal or natural way. Allowing the cuts to happen will not cause the economic sky to fall, but they will hurt in visible ways. It may cost the GOP the House next year. Or it may not, thanks to Obama’s overreach on guns.

But either way, we need to hash out what kind of country we’re going to be. Are we going to keep spending far more than we have, or are we going to get serious? Obama never will get serious on his own, ever, and we don’t have the time to wait on him. We will be more than $22 trillion in debt by the time he leaves office if we continue down the path we’re on.

So get ready to fight it out, Republicans, knowing full well that you may in fact be holed up in the Alamo. It’s either defend where you are, now, or surrender what you’re all about, forever.

So let it happen. No more crying. Man up. Fight it out.