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LAUSD Superintendent Angers Teachers' Unions, Orders Test Scores To Count Towards Evaluations

It’s on.

L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy announced Friday that 30% of a teacher’s evaluation will be based on student standardized test scores, setting off another round of contention in the nation’s second-largest school system just weeks before a critical school board election.

Leaders of the teachers union have insisted that there should be no fixed percentage for how much student test scores should count in evaluations — and that test results should serve almost entirely as a guide toward improving instruction.

Teachers’ unions have long preferred that their members be evaluated by…ok, I’m kidding, they’d prefer no serious set of evaluation criteria whatsoever. It’s interesting that this is happening in a city where Big Labor has managed to drive out even film and television production, for which it’s known.

Predictably, the unions are not amused.

Union leaders have not made opposing Deasy a litmus test for endorsement, but many union activists are open about their desire to replace him.

The last thing this hot mess of a school district (I long ago decided I would home school my daughter if LAUSD were the only option and I don’t recommend anybody spend all day with me) needs is a union crony in charge of it to keep it in a perpetual state of underachievement.