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Armed 87-Year-Old Trumps Attacker With Violent Record

A 49-year-old male was out on personal recognizance after being convicted of battery. According to the female victim, the attacker “took off his shirt” and “made sexual advances to her.” When she rebuffed him, he “got upset” and assaulted her.

The victim, age 24 and pregnant, got away, took her 3-year-old daughter, and ran to her landlord’s house. The attacker pursued her, and again began assaulting her. The landlord, age 87, tried to break it up at first, to no effect. He finally got his handgun and shot the attacker twice.

Lieutenant Britt Snyder of the Chaves County, New Mexico Sheriff’s Department said:

“From the information that we’ve been given, we think it sounds fortunate that the landlord was armed in this case. He certainly would have been no match for a man that’s 40 years younger than him.”

Here’s a law enforcement professional who understands that the laws of physics and physiology trump political correctness.

Speaking about his gun control proposals, President Obama stated: “But if there’s even one thing we can do, if there’s just one life we can save, we’ve got an obligation to try.”

Mr. President, one handgun just saved three people. Stop trying.

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