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Photo Caption Contest Winner: Lightning Strikes Vatican Hours After Pope Resigns


Photo: Filippo Monteforte AFP/Getty Images

Holy Mackerel!  We really got a “charge” from reading all the clever and creative captions submitted by Tatler fans to our latest Photo Caption Contest.

And, as I requested for personal reasons, the captions were both respectful and appropriate, so thank-you for that.

Now for the judging… or what we shall call time for judgment (since after all this was a Catholic themed contest.)

It just so happens that the perfect candidate to render judgment (the most holy and devout Catholic outside of the Vatican, and I am NOT joking) also holds the esteemed title of “Husband.” (But past party animal tendencies still surface on special occasions.)

The Husband Judge was handed a list of what were, in my opinion, the top 20 captions and from that list he selected the following five winners:

Three of the five were submitted by our Caption King of Kings, cfbleachers:

“Just showing that Mr. Gore fellow a little about recycling energy into a vehicle that is worthy of it. However, I hope they don’t nickname it Pope Prius XIII.”

“Upon this build, I will rock this church”

“I watch and listen as you debate eliminating life from babies as I create it, eliminating MY name from the mouths of your children in schools, eliminating ME from your governments. I would like to take this moment for rebuttal.”

Bill Reader (a contest newcomer) submitted:

G*d:  Hey, you know what would be a fun prank? I bet if I drop a thunderbolt on St. Peter’s Basilica just after the Pope announces he’s resigning, everyone will run around for weeks asking each other what it means.

Don Henderson (our Caption King who battles with cfbleachers for Supreme Ruler) submitted:

Just thought I would touch base with you, to let you know I’m still in [charge]!

Besides these five winners, there were many terrific captions including my personal favorites:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Submitted by David WL

May I have your attention, please. Just a reminder, guys… I’m still in charge. — God  Submitted by stargazer

Another “Caption King,” Chris Henderson submitted these two:

“Choosing a new Pope? There’s a zap for that.”

So that’s where the smoke comes from.

Besides a winning caption, Don Henderson also submitted this gem:

While the Pope takes a break, I’ll relieve his post, [ For heavens sake.]

Caption winner, Bill Reader had another great one:

The Pope’s resignation caused even St. Peter a huge shock.

And finally our Caption King of the Tatler Kingdom, cfbleachers, overwhelmed me with all these incredible captions:

“So many of you are texting and tweeting, you are constantly looking down. Here’s a reminder to look up once in a while”

“Can you hear ME now?”

“A reminder from the Real Illuminati, decode this.”

“Some of you pray in My Name, this is for the others who think my last name is Dammet”

“When a government robs Peter to pay Paul, Paul gets the type of voters who need this kind of reminder that I am still watching over Peter”

“I built that,…and everything else”

“No, THIS is an exclamation point”

“The medium IS the message”

“A late vote for Ave Maria as song of the year”   (I loved this one!)

Congrats to cfbleachers!

As the overall contest winner you will receive a special Lenten season blessing from The Husband Judge.

Thanks to all who played along and see you next time a photo is worthy of a Tatler Photo Caption Contest!