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BREAKING: Obama is Liberal

It took consulting with Bill Ayers, running a race-based mortgage scam, two presidential election campaigns, five State of the Union addresses, ObamaCare, Porkulus, and Dodd-Frank, but Brown University’s Ted Widmer has finally gotten to the core of this Obama fellow and his well-creased trousers:

From Obama, a Proudly Liberal Message

And that’s just the headline. I need you to read more of this earth-shaking investigative journOlism [sic]:

Unapologetic governance was key to all of the above, and to a host of smaller initiatives — on the environment, public health, consumer protection and civil rights — that would later flower into Johnson’s Great Society. That was a moment — the “liberal hour,” as a 2008 book by Robert Weisbrot and G. Colin Mackenzie styled it — when the federal government earnestly reached out to citizens in every walk of life, with no consciousness that this outreach might ever be considered unpopular.

Four months after his re-election, President Obama appears to feel increasingly the same way, and it was refreshing to hear him be himself.

Hey, hang on there just a minute now, Mr. Widmer. How do you know Obama was being himself, unless…


You knew he was liberal all along!