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Mission Accomplished: Lefty Blogs Head For The Diapers Over News About Ted Nugent At The SOTU

Here’s Rick Moran’s earlier Tatler post about it.

The usual suspects in the leftwing blogosphere took a break from bashing the pope & Catholicism to lose their minds about Uncle Ted’s trip to DC. Here’s a little linkfest if you want to enjoy their angst.

Think Progress was, of course, not really thinking at all.

The Pony Tail at Little Green Footballs (Yeah, that’s still a thing) stopped trolling his comments for a few minutes to weigh in.

The kids in the hammer and sickle Hoodie Footies at Daily Kos went deeper, not just whining about Nugent, but Rep. Steve Stockman and the entire state of Texas.

And no Hive Mind outrage is complete until Greg Sargent at WaPo posts one of his third grade finger paint-ish efforts.

Sargent spends his time talking about the “marginally acceptable” crazies on the conservative side of things. This from the side that has people dancing around in giant vagina costumes.