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Guess Who Are Big Fans Of Spending Cuts To Boost The Economy? The American People

Yet he was reelected.

By massive margins, voters say they would rather see the government cut spending than increase it as a way to boost the nation’s economy, according to a Fox News poll that showed, in hindsight, voters largely saying the 2009 stimulus did not work.

The poll showed that, by a 60-34 percent margin, voters say President Obama’s $800 billion strategy for pulling the American economy out of its one-and-a-half year long recession did not deliver on its promise. While more than half of Democrats said they thought the stimulus worked, 87 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of Independents said they thought it did not.

Admit it, sometimes it feels as if a good portion of the electorate is deep in the midst of a psychotic break every time it goes to the polls. Even if one adjusts for the Fox Newsiness of the poll, it’s still a pretty decent margin.

Four more years.