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Funny Post About Horrible Beyonce Photo Turns Into PC Racial Flame War

Not this crap again…

So fashion and entertainment blog Sostice Visuals posts a pretty funny/awful picture of Beyonce from her Super Bowl performance. Here’s the photo, which gets a brief post to go along with it.

Along with the She-Hulk pic, the blog notes:

This Is Why Your Photographer Never Sends All The Shots

Photographers usually hear this question often, “Can you send me all the photos from the shoot?”

The answer is no and the client may feel jipped. This is one prime example as to why, not all the shots are worth it! Believe me, you don’t want it. Beyonce’s publicist feels the same way.

It’s a pretty innocuous post, not even political. It’s pretty obviously true, even of Beyonce, who doesn’t always look like She-Hulk. Sometimes she looks like this.

Not She-Hulk, by a long shot. Sometimes she looks a whole lot betta than this. I could post several Beyonce pics, in which she looks like anything but angry and muscular and one lab-accident away from becoming a super-villain, but this post isn’t really about Beyonce. It’s about idiots.

On the second comment over at the Solstice Visuals blog, a racially sensitive blogjacker ruins the Internet for everybody.

And on it goes, for more than 100 comments. Over one word. The innocuous, obviously true point of the post is nowhere to be found and some poor fashionista is probably nursing their racially slurred talents over a mocha frappe.

With whom should I speak about getting a new culture, Internet and human race? The ones we have, have become hopelessly dysfunctional.