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Reader Input Needed: Why is Fascism Equivalent to Communism?

This is my first attempt to work with PJM readers to form a knowledgebase. If we can pool our talents and put all the information in one place, this will help us fend off current and future attacks on our rights. So here’s your chance to help save America, right from the comfort of your desk.

Today’s lesson regards the divisive tactic of equating conservatives with fascists, as if fascism is also a right-wing manifestation. But fascism and communism are far more similar than not, and it’s time to kill this Alinskyism (rules 3, 4, 5, 8,10, and 13).

Human Rights Watch reported the Chinese government—i.e. the Communist Party—recently announced they’re planning to “stop using” their Re-education Through Labor (RTL) system “sometime this year.”

Under the RTL system, individuals can be detained and subjected to forced labor for up to four years on the decision of the Public Security Bureau alone. According to the Chinese government, the system is designed to reform minor offenders, such as drug users and prostitutes, through work.

So when you buy those cheap products made in China, you’re supporting the system I call Chinese Redistribution of American Profit (CRAP). Unpaid labor lowers production costs, raising profit margins and/or making your iPhone and TV more affordable.

But there’s a darker side to the dark side of communist forced labor. According to Agence France-Presse:

But opponents say they are also used to silence government critics and would-be petitioners, who seek to bring their complaints against officials to higher authorities.

In other words, all nails sticking up will be hammered flat.

But the most curious aspect is RTL reminds me of the Nazi’s “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Will Free You). This hangs above the Auschwitz concentration camp, as well as having appeared elsewhere.

In early 30s the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” was very popular because of high unemployment level in Germany. Later it became a favorite motto of Nazi officers who forced prisoners to work in inhuman conditions. The slogan appeared over the gates of many forced labor and extermination camps around the world.

Nazi stands for “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Apologists get around the left/right disconnect by claiming the Nazis supported private property, conveniently ignoring that the property remained “private” as long as the owner served Nazi goals.

University of Barcelona researcher Germà Bel wrote that during the 1930s, Nazi Germany privatized “public services previously provided by government,” including “steel, mining, banking, local public utilities, shipyards, ship-lines, railways…”  Bel concluded that “privatization was used as a political tool to enhance support for the government and for the Nazi Party.”

German researchers Christoph Buchheim and Jonas Scherner, of the University of Mannheim, note that the Nazis usually allowed firms to “devise their own production and investment patterns” and for “war-related projects freedom of contract was generally respected.” However, the authors also noted:

In view of the violence displayed by the regime otherwise it can be taken for certain that the reason was not any respect for private property as a fundamental human and civil right.

In other words: “As long as you play ball with us, we’ll ‘respect’ your private property.” Nazi government force determined how resources were used, just as communists do.

Besides forced labor—a cute name for slavery—other “features” shared by fascists and communists are:

  • Civilian disarmament.
  • Government-sponsored mass murder, labeled “Democide” by Professor Rudy Rummel.

Rummel estimates that during the 20th Century, the three biggest socialist governments—China, USSR, and Nazi Germany—murdered 76.7M, 61.9M, and 20.9M, respectively. That’s a total of 160 million murder victims. This number is mind-numbing. To perhaps put it in a more comprehensible perspective, it would take 10,920 years for American criminals to murder this many people, using 2011 FBI murder data as the divisor.

So here’s your homework assignment: What other “features” do fascists and communists share?