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Does Liberty Work at Work, Even for Government Bureaucrats?

If you really believe in individual liberty, and you’re politically active, do you believe that the people who work for government deserve the kind of liberty to which you aspire?

If you’re an advocate of free markets, does that really mean individual freedom in the marketplace, or merely that companies should be able to trade freely, but the employees of those companies are treated like untrustworthy children whose every move must be monitored, regulated and, if aberrant, punished?

Check out this presentation purportedly from the folks at Netflix that endeavors to create a culture of liberty, where adults are treated as such, there’s no vacation policy, and your value to the organization is based on the market price of replacing you if you leave.

It made me think, and my mind drifted to public-sector organizations. Sometimes conservatives, libertarians and Republicans can sound so hostile toward government bureacrats that I wonder how they envision the government actually functioning if their vaunted principles were to suddenly become policy.

Do we want freedom for the voter, citizen and taxpayer, but serfdom and penury for government employees? I suspect it’s something most of us have not contemplated fully.

Riffle through the Netflix slides, and then tell me what you think.