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Ted Cruz Naughtily Poaches Gun Manufacturers from Illinois

The PJ Tatler is not intended to be an all-Ted-Cruz-all-the-time blog. But he is one of the very few Republicans in Washington awake to what Obama and the Democrats are up to, and one of the fewer still capable of and willing to fight on every inch of ground.

Today’s evidence: A cheeky letter.

Last week Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel sent a letter to several banks that do business with US gun manufacturers. Emanuel wants the banks to strangle the manufacturers’ businesses by cutting off their credit. Emanuel evidently sees no end to his power as mayor of what, frankly, is becoming simultaneously one of the least free and most murderous cities in America. He also does not seem to care that his action could expose the city to massive lawsuits.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas sees Emanuel’s overreach as an opportunity. Today he sent the following letter to the CEO of Bank of America, the CEO of TD Bank, and the CEOs of two gun manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co.

Letter from Senator Ted Cruz to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Bank of America, TD Bank Group, Smith & Wes… by Senator Ted Cruz

This is very mischievous letter, so naturally, we at the Tatler love it. In the Obama era, Texas has become the engine of our national economy. While the other big states mostly go blue and therefore lurch toward bankruptcy, Texas is keeping government small and attracting businesses from those sinking blue states. Illinois is as blue as they come. So, says Sen. Cruz:

In light of the reception you have received in the Windy City, please know that Texas would certainly welcome more of your business and the jobs you create. Texans value jobs and value freedom, and over 1000 people a day are moving to Texas (often from cities like Chicago), because Texas is where the jobs are.

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-BOOYAH.

Later in the letter, Cruz reminds Emanuel of his most recent failure to attack the Second Amendment.

…you recently were obliged to pay over $1.1 million of taxpayer money in legal fees due to your unsuccessful assault on the Second Amendment. And, your city’s longstanding policies of stripping citizens of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms have, in turn, produced some of the very highest crime and murder rates in the Nation.

Indeed. The Windy City has become the bloody city under Emanual’s poor leadership, with more than 500 murders last year and on track for more than 700 this year. Perhaps Emanuel should tend to succeeding in his fiefdom before telling anyone else how to life.

Read the whole thing. It’s heartening that we have one senator, Ted Cruz, who is willing to stand up for citizens and our constitutional rights.