Big Blast in Iran

As my friend Reza Kahlili reports, a few days ago there was an explosion at the Iranian nuclear facility at Fordo, near the holy city of Qom.  Confirmation has been dribbling in, mostly from the German press.  I’m told that there was indeed an explosion, which took place in a gas line that was being run to a new part of the Fordo facility, deep underground.  I don’t know if it was sabotage or an accident, but eyewitnesses talk about a monster blast, and it does indeed appear that lots of workers are trapped.


There are lots of explosions in Iran’s pipelines, and at the country’s refineries, as I’ve pointed out several times.  Both petroleum and natural gas pipelines are blown up regularly, and the biggest refineries are often out of commission.

This is different;  the regime dearly wants to craft atomic bombs, and the new Fordo facility, cleverly concealed from IAEA inspectors, would have added to their capacity, and, as long as it remained secret, would have enabled them to work away from the snoopers.  Now, not only is the new facility exposed, but it, and the surrounding operations, are severely damaged.

UPDATE:  Still too early to know all the details, but it seems the gas line was being run to a facility separate from the formerly-secret-but-now-well-known site.  So while the new, very deep underground, project was blown up, the older one is intact.

There may be more as time passes.


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