Obama to Turn to 'Top Priority' of Immigration Reform Next Week

President Obama will travel to Las Vegas on Tuesday to talk about jump-starting immigration reform — but his “new” proposals will actually be from an earlier plan.


Speaking at Del Sol High School, Obama “will deliver remarks on the need to fix our broken immigration system so it is fair for and helps grow our middle class and it ensures everyone is playing by the same rules,” according to the White House.

The announcement came after Obama met this morning with leaders of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus “to discuss the need to make things fairer for and grow the middle class by fixing our broken immigration system so everyone plays by the same rules,” according to a White House readout of that meeting.

Obama reportedly told the lawmakers that immigration reform is a “top legislative priority.”

“The President was pleased to hear from CHC members and noted that they share the same vision, including that any legislation must include a path to earned citizenship. The President further noted that there is no excuse for stalling or delay. The President made it clear he will continue to lead on this issue, and that he looks forward to working with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and other key Members of Congress in a bipartisan process to move this debate forward at the earliest possible opportunity,” the White House said.


White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama’s proposals will be a rehash of his 2011 immigration reform blueprint.

“These are the principles that the President believes we can now move forward on together as a nation. What has been absent in the time since he put those principles forward has been a willingness by Republicans, generally speaking, to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform,” Carney said. “What he hopes is that that dynamic has changed.”


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