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Stirring The, Um, Pot-Appellate Court Says Marijuana Has 'No Acceptable Medical Uses'

Libertarian gatherings hardest hit.

Marijuana will continue to be considered a highly dangerous drug under federal law with no accepted medical uses, after a U.S. appeals court Tuesday refused to order a change in the government’s 40-year-old drug classification schedule.

The decision keeps in place an odd legal split over marijuana, a drug deemed to be as dangerous as heroin and worse than methamphetamine by federal authorities, but one that has been legalized for medical use by voters or legislators in 20 states and the District of Columbia.

There are a lot of drugs that aren’t street legal but are used in medicine, heroin’s slower cousin morphine, for example. Looks like what the marijuana activists (I’m neither here nor there on this one) need is a super team of physicians and scientists to swear it’s great medicine.

Or more Cheetos.