Pro-Abortion Center for Reproductive Rights Wishes Roe v Wade a 'Happy Anniversary, Baby'

The Center for Reproductive Rights produced the following ad to celebrate Roe v Wade’s 40th anniversary. The only thing missing is a cake. And a lot of people who were never able to speak for themselves.


Obviously I, as a man, am not the target of this repulsive and racially questionable ad. But who is its target audience? Why is actor being sexually seductive? What is he really celebrating? Who is he calling “baby?”

Once upon a time an abortion advocate had to couch their beliefs in deceptive language, and claim that they wanted the practice to be rare. Times have obviously changed. This may be the moment that abortion groups start to go the way of PETA, trying to one-up their last shock to stay in the headlines and keep the donations coming. The truth about the abortion industry is that it does not need anyone’s donations. Between our tax dollars and its booming business, and the massive lobbying and protection that it receives from the Democratic Party, abortion is one of the few growth industries in the Obama era.

54 million babies could not be reached for comment, baby.


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