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ObamaControl: Unplugged

Stripped down to the very basics, here are the 23 items President Obama proposed this morning regarding gun control.

1. Issue a memo.

2. Address an issue relating to health insurance.

3. Pay the states some money.

4. Categorize people.

5. Propose rules.

6. Publish a letter.

7. Launch a campaign. (Been there, done that)

8. Review standards.

9. Issue a memo.

10. Release a report.

11. Make a nomination.

12. Provide some police training.

13. Maximize enforce efforts. (Sounds Orwellian.)

14. Issue a memo.

15. Direct the attorney general.

16. Hector doctors.

17. Release a letter.

18. Incentivize schools.

19. Develop models.

20. Release a letter.

21. Regulate health benefits.

22. Finalize regulations.

23. Get Kathleen and Arne talking to people.

The 24th, unspoken item is: Ride herd on Congress to ban stuff and use the friendly press to demonize them when they don’t.

All the rest is mostly small-scale spending on things we can’t afford, and a metric pantsload of paperwork. No lives will be saved.