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Obama to Use Children as Props When He Unveils His Gun Proposals

President Obama is set to reveal his gun control proposals at an event Wednesday. Never one to let a crisis go to waste, the optics of the event are set even as the president is supposedly only just now learning what Vice President Joe Biden will recommend.

Mr. Obama will also lay out executive orders related to data collection on firearms and overall gun violence, according to CBS News Chief White House correspondent Major Garrett.

At least three pro-gun control groups will attend the announcement, which will take place at 11:45 a.m. ET. Among those in the audience will be children who wrote to the president after school shootings.

How about the NRA or Gun Owners of America? Will they be there? How about any gun owners who have used firearms to protect themselves, their families or their property? Do they get no say here?

I have to say, staging this event with children is gross, even for this president. Many of these kids are not educated on the Constitution, the Second Amendment or firearms. They may have been told to write those letters by their schools, which increasingly take it upon themselves to behave like ninny idiots on the subjects of liberty and the natural right of self-defense. The proposals that Obama is likely to unveil would have done nothing to stop the Newtown killer. But the optics of having the kids there will, the president and his handlers believe, help him sell whatever he proposes.

The sad thing is, given the state of ignorance in the media and among many voters, he may be right.