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Take Control of Our Guns, And You Get No Funds

Justen Charters is the Founder of Rebooting America.  It’s a conservative grassroots group aimed at young Americans. You may have seen him on Cavuto last year promoting Papa John’s Appreciation Day, or listened to his track Six Trillion Dollar Man, but now he has a new mission.  Sickened by the monopolization of the gun control debate by the political left, Charters wants you to take control of the gun control debate.


It is time that we send a clear message to Congress. The 2nd Amendment is not a right or left issue, it is an AMERICAN issue. Our Founders established the Bill Of Rights to protect the people against the government. Unfortunately, 221 years later lawmakers are trying to use tragedies like the Aurora Theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings to push a political agenda blaming the gun for the crime instead of the criminal.

There are approximately 300,000,000 guns in the United States and of those guns there were 8,583 gun related deaths in 2011. Mexico, with some of the strictest gun laws in the world, has had over 70,000 gun related deaths in addition to 20,000 people still missing since 2006.

On January 5th, a mother in Georgia had her home broken into and shot the intruder five times with her .38 revolver. Despite shooting the intruder five times, he was still able to get up and drive away… but the gun control advocates say you don’t need more than five rounds. What if there was another intruder? What if there was another ARMED intruder?

We propose January 14th – 18th to be: “Take Control of Gun Control Week.” If our representatives want to restrain our right to bear arms as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, they do not deserve a penny from us.


STEP 1. Click the link below and print out the flier. If your representative is a Democrat, print the blue. If your representative is a Republican, print the red. If you don’t have a colored printer… print the black and white one! Don’t have a printer? See STEP 3…
STEP 2. Mail the fliers to your representatives!
STEP 3. Tweet the fliers to your representatives and use the hashtag #TakeControlOfGunControl, also once you have joined the event tweet I joined #TakeControlOfGunControl Week with the facebook event link.
STEP 4. Tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know to tell everyone they know.

Red Flier –
Blue Flier –
Black And White Flier –

You can easily find your members of Congress here.

Thank for your participation.This event was created by @Reboot_USA



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