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[VIDEO] Piers Morgan Derides Constitution as 'Your Little Book'

Pay close attention to what Piers Morgan says at about the four minute mark into this debate with Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro. Shapiro notes that the vast majority of gun-related killings in the US do not involve so-called “assault weapons,” they involve hand guns. Morgan allows that he does not want to ban hand guns (yet, I would add) but that he favors banning “assault weapons.”


Because killings with “assault weapons” make more headlines. That is what Morgan says. Later he derides our Constitution as “your little book.” If he didn’t deserve deportation before, he may now. What a blithering fool.

Shapiro tries pinning Morgan down a few minutes later as to why he does not favor banning hand guns given the statistics, and Morgan again notes that killings with “assault weapons” make all the headlines.

Is this not a terrible, entirely emotional argument to ban one thing but not another?

One move that nearly all Americans would agree that we should make would be to increase sentences for criminals who use guns in the perpetration of their crimes, coupled with using more meaningful life sentences for violent criminals. William Spangler should never have been released from prison, and if he had not been, those two firefighters he murdered in Webster, NY would still be alive today. He had already gone to prison and been released for a violent crime that did not include the use of a gun: He murdered his grandmother with a hammer. He only served 17 years for that brutal crime. Longer and harsher sentences would not stop the likes of the Newtown killer, but they might save some lives and lead to an overall safer society. Why is Chicago, a city boasting some of the nation’s most restrictive gun laws, overrun with murder? Might it be because the law-abiding tend to be disarmed, while criminals know that in the unlikely event that they are caught, they face a catch and release justice system?

We should be adults about this and realize that nothing short of turning America into a police state will “solve” the problem of evil people doing evil things, and herein lies the problem. We cannot be adults when the likes of Piers Morgan push the direction of the discussion with emotion rather than reason, and with bullying rather than being fair. He and those who agree with him need to grow up and learn to think and speak as adults. They need to grow up and realize that if you empower the state too far, you run the very real risk of transferring the evildoers from the streets to the top of the government.